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Friends of Cubberley Mission Statement

We support and advocate for the redevelopment of Cubberley for the benefit of the entire Palo Alto community and our neighboring cities.


We will start by focusing on education, community outreach, and advocacy with public officials.

Current News

The city leases much of the school district's space and then rents that out to tenants who use the fields and buildings.  During the pandemic, many of the tenants are not operating on site, but some have resumed in compliance with county health orders.  At this point, there is no official proposal being actively considered to redevelop Cubberley.

Candidate Forum!

Thanks to everyone for joining us for our Candidates Forum.

And a special thanks for out panelists:

City Council Candidates:

  • Alex Comsa

  • Brian Hamachek

  • Ed Lauing

  • Julie Lythcott-Haims

  • Vicki Veenker

School Board Candidates:

  • Nicole Chiu-Wang

  • Shana Segal

  • Shanouk Dharap


Candidates who did not participate:

  • Ingrid Campos

  • Lisa Forssell

  • Doria Summa

Statements provided:

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